The content from this blog was initially started when I took a career break because I was uncertain that the work I was doing then, on racial equity, was having the deep impact that was needed.

I used the time to start a blog called “Skin in the Game” in which I ‘downloaded’ personal stories and thoughts on race, identity and power, as a means to deepen my thinking and figure out how best to position myself to challenge racial inequity going forward.

The blogging – including on my own experience of poverty –  led me to a deeper realisation of how, in a capitalist system, money is a proxy for power and how inequitable distribution of finance is a key driver to all aspects of racial inequality. 

Out of this I started Create Equity, to drive more racially equitable funding in the arts, social enterprise and commercial industries; and to help develop sustainable Black founded organisations that are properly skilled and resourced to thrive.

This all happened pre pandemic, pre Black Lives Matter, and pre the cost of living crises and the impending recession. Each of these crises makes my new work more relevant than ever. We need to invest in future-facing enterprises that will create new sustainable jobs, and rebuild our economy while at the same time creating a fairer and more inclusive society. This is about building a fairer and more inclusive system.

Throughout my blog you will find a range of mixed media including audio pieces, videos and written articles. You can also explore the content according to the following categories:

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